History Channel Restores Gift Fire-Damaged Gift To 'Pawn Stars' Boss

History Channel Restores Gift Fire-Damaged Gift To 'Pawn Stars' Boss The History Channel takes good care of its own.

Hours after it caught fire Friday morning, a 1957 Chevy 150 gifted to "Pawn Stars" boss Richard "The Old Man" Harrison was right back in road shape courtesy of some fast restoration by a few family friends.

History Channel fans may remember the vehicle from a three-show crossover event in honor of The Old Man's 70th birthday.

An episode of "American Pickers" chronicled The Old Man's son and Silver & Gold Pawn Shop partner Rick Harrison making a deal with "American Pickers" star Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz to track down the classic set of wheels. Rick then passed it off to the crew of "American Restoration" shop Rick's Restorations for owner Rick Dale to devote an episode to turning back the clock on the Chevy. Finally, on an episode of "Pawn Stars," Rick and the Silver & Gold crew presented The Old Man with the thoughtful gift they'd gone to great lengths to get.

TMZ reports that following the fire - the cause of which hasn't been disclosed - the car didn't pass "Go," did not collect $200, but went straight to Count Customs proprietor The Count, restorer of countless beat-up "Pawn Stars" purchases including at least a few of The Old Man's own collection of classics, for some emergency reconstructive surgery.

The Count went straight to work and within hours, the car had a whole new set of hot wheels, a replaced steering wheel and numerous other parts that had it road-ready again.

It's not The Old Man's first recent business concerning fixing up a wrecked car. Last February, a production assistant was returning The Old Man's 1966 Imperial Crown Convertible to Harrison when the engine burst into flames.

Maybe for The Old Man's next birthday, Rick should just consider getting The Old Man a nice Schwinn. Perhaps even a Segway.