From The Home Office: 'Out Of Touch' 101, With Prof. David Letterman

From The Home Office: 'Out Of Touch' 101, With Prof. David Letterman "Out of touch." Oh, boy.

Get ready, everybody. It's a presidential election year, so we're about to hear that vague and generic epithet thrown around between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney like a skinny, effeminate kid's belongings at a middle school busstop.

Each will claim that the other has exactly no clue whatsoever just how the average American lives. Of course, hearing this catterwauling between a former Massachussetts Governor whose father was Governor of Michigan and an ex-U.S. Senator and Columbia and Harvard University graduate who happens to be leader of the free world is like hearing Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens debate who needs to mellow out.

The fact is, neither could be further from a clue how you or I conduct ourselves day to day. To put it bluntly, they're out of touch with all that it means to be "out of touch."

Enter David Letterman.

On last night's "Lat Show," Letterman took it upon himself to rattle off a classic 10-point lesson in spotting someone who is "out of touch." Given Letterman's own penchant for shoving his political foot down his throat occasionally....well, let's just say Dave might well know that of which he speaks.

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