Hooray! More Lawyers!: 'Jersey Shore' Cast In Barroom Dust-Up

Hooray! More Lawyers!: 'Jersey Shore' Cast In Barroom Dust-Up It's just not "Jersey Shore" until police and lawyers get involved.

From the get-go, it just never feels like "Jersey Shore" until city officials threaten MTV with severe consequences, someone lawyers up against producers, someone tells the crew and cast "You'll film on my property over my dead body" or someone takes a beating in a bar.

Hey, why conduct the sixth season any differently from the first?

Perez Hilton reports that the cast threw down with patrons at a Seaside Heights, NJ bar Saturday night, and both MTV and the show's producers are now staring down circling lawyers. The cast has claimed they laid the smack down in self-defense, but two combatants are reportedly already consider action against both the network and the cast.

Bamboo Bar sources claim that JWoww, Pauly D., Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Mr. Comin'-Straight-Outta-Rehab himself, The Situation, were booted out.  Justin Viterito and Devon Chichele, two of the reported combatants, claimed Viterito was put in a headlock by a bouncer as Ronnie continued punching his face. Mind, this reportedly occured after two claim they'd already been bullied by the cast.

"It started as a small fight, then turned into a massive brawl," claimed one witness. "[JWoww's] boyfriend beat up a few guys, Pauly knocked some guy out, [and] Ronnie [and] Sitch were all there as well, fighting off guys. {JWoww] sprained her ankle."

The pair involved are reportedly even considering a lawsuit against the bar, claiming that the fight was orchestrated for the sake of the cameras.

In turn, the cast claims that the two men had been told by security to leave after harrassing them all night. After one of the two alleged antagonists threatened to "knock them out" and tried to cold-cock Pauly D, it was apparently on from there.

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