Breaking News: Hugh Hefner's Wedding Called Off!

Breaking News: Hugh Hefner's Wedding Called Off! "Playboy" founder Hugh Hefner has been married and divorced twice before, but his third wedding to Crystal Harris didn't even get to the altar.

Hefner and Harris were planning on having their wedding this Saturday at the Playboy Mansion, but reports say that the whole thing has been called off. So who did the off-calling?

Rumor has it that the 85-year-old Hefner got in a big argument with the 25-year-old Harris at the Mansion over the weekend, which prompted Harris to move out and call off the engagement. So, it looks like Hef is the one who got dumped. But somehow, with his mansion full of twenty-something models, I think he'll be okay.

Just a couple of years ago, Hefner filed for divorce from his second wife Kimberley Conrad, from whom Hefner had been separated for 11 years since they split in 1998...apparently, they had stayed together for the kids, and once Hefner's oldest child turned 18, he made the split official with Conrad.

Whether or not Harris and Hefner will patch things up remains to be seen, but as of now there's a dress, a strawberry cake, and about 300 invited guests waiting to see if their Saturday just freed up.