Hugh Jackman Building More Muscles for Upcoming Wolverine Movie

Black Swan” director Darren Aronofsky is directing a new version of “The Wolverine” movie, and he has apparently instructed Hugh Jackman to build more muscles to look more powerful and stocky, just like his character Logan in the original comics.

The L.A. Times interviewed Jackman about “The Wolverine” and according to the actor, he is currently undergoing a rigorous training and diet in preparation for his role in the movie.

The actor revealed, "Right now, I’m at 210, which is the result of an intense diet and workout regime. It’s 6,000 calories a day, it’s rough."

Jackman’s weight during 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" was 190 lbs. Aronofsky wants him to build more muscles for the upcoming film.

The Australian actor explained that Aronofsky’s objective is to present Logan in the big screen with similar physical characteristics to the comic book character.

"Darren said with the last one, ‘Hey you looked great, but you’re so tall that in those long shots you looked kind of like Clint Eastwood, and that’s not Wolverine,” said Jackman.

Jackman added, “He (Aronofsky) said that Wolverine, in the comics, is powerful, stocky, you know, he’s short and thick. So he said, ‘I want you to go there, get bigger.”

Furthermore, Jackman also said that when Aronofsky first came to discuss about Logan’s character, he imagined Mike Tyson.

“I always think of Mike Tyson when he first came on the scene. Sometimes, he was a full foot shorter than his opponents and bent over with his massive build. There’s real power. That’s what I’m going for. And if I have a massive heart attack first, well, you tell everyone what I was going for.”

In the new film, “The Wolverine” will battle for the heart of a Japanese woman who is engaged to marry another man.

"I feel like all the planets are finally aligned to make a great movie. I think we’re going to make one that people will describe as the best of the bunch,” said Jackman.