'The Hunger Games' DVD/Blu-ray Set Is Bonus-Loaded

For the handful who missed its theatrical domination, a loaded "The Hunger Games" DVD and Blu-ray release hits store shelves in what feels like amazingly short order.

The Suzanne Collins novel trilogy's big-screen debut starring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson among others hits shelves Aug. 18, and it's bringing quite the slate of extras with it, Deadline reports.

For one thing, as has become nearly standard among big releases, both the 2-disc DVD and 2-disc Blu-ray packages will include downloadable digital copies. Lionsgate's press release touts over three hours of extra features, including an eight-part making-of documentary. Elsewhere, director Gary Ross sits down to talk about making the Lionsgate tent pole franchise's opening installment, and another featurette talks about Collins' books' international popularity.

From a more technical standpoint, still another featurette discusses crafting and filming the control room set. Filmmakers will discuss why they crafted scenes for the movie that didn't exist in Collins' original source material - a tactic that can sometimes be polarizing in adaptations for its occasionally proven alienating effect on fans of the original material. Exclusive to the Blu-ray release, "Preparing for the Games: A Director's Process" takes a look at Ross' crafting of three key book scenes for use on film.

Blu-ray and DVD pre-orders begin Fri. May 25, priced at $39.99 and $30.98 respectively. Currently, "The Hunger Games" is approaching a global $650-million box office gross.