'Hunger Games': Guess Which 'Glee' Cast Member Auditioned for Finnick?

It was only a few weeks ago when "Glee" star Naya Rivera put herself in consideration for the role of Johanna Mason in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire." That wasn't a successful bid on Naya's part (the role seems to have gone to Jena Malone), but that isn't the end of all hopes that a "Glee" cast member will end up in the "Hunger Games" sequel.

The hunt is still on for an actor to play Finnick Odair, as all of the previous actors considered seem to have been looked over and passed on. The latest name to be tossed on the pile is Grant Gustin, the recurring "Glee" cast member who made waves this season in his role as the Dalton bad boy, Sebastian.

The word is that Gustin has auditioned for the role, so he's in consideration. That adds him to a list of "maybes" that includes Garrett Hedlund, Armie Hammer, Lucas Till, Taylor Kitsch, and just about every other hunky 20-something actor in Hollywood that could fit the role.

With Plutarch Heavensbee cast (Phillip Seymour Hoffman took that one) and Johanna filled, Finnick is the last major role to be figured out, and for now it seems that the production is taking its time with the decision.