'Hunger Games' Star Honors 'Super Mario Bros.', Cements Geek cred

Yep. Josh Hutcherson's geek cred has been certified.

"The Hunger Games" co-star leading Team Peeta has played a part in putting the first third of the popular Suzanne Collins trilogy on pace to be one of the year's biggest hits. Consider the bookish sorts mostly satisfied.

Now, he's showing at least fleetingly that he knows his gaming, too.

Admit it. It's more than a little bit endearing seeing how Hutcherson's eyes light up like a kid savoring "Super Mario Bros." for the very first time as he "ba-da-da" interprets the Nintendo flagship franchise's original score. He sings along and even describes the save-Princess-Peach-from-Bowser plot with a clear fondness for gaming's roots. That he'd do it squarely in the midst of an ABC News interview just makes it that much more fun.

Besides, it's in the geek DNA: none who hear that beloved 8-bit ditty can resist a little sing-along. It's an encoded instinct, like the way we respond when told, "You remind me of the babe..."

See? Don't lie, you know you just asked "What babe?"