'How I Met Your Mother' Season 7, Episode 21 Recap - 'Now We're Even'

'How I Met Your Mother' Season 7, Episode 21 Recap - 'Now We're Even' What happened on last night's episode of "How I Met Your Mother?" Even after watching it, I'm not really sure. After an episode so unified and thematically sound as last week's "Trilogy Time," the chaos that was "Now We're Even" was a breath of air that was the opposite of fresh.

There are three things going on:

Barney bugs Ted into making every night legendary, now that Ted is living alone. While Ted would rather stay at home, watch TV, drink beer and eat ribs (that does sound pretty great), Barney wants to have a list of unforgettable nights that include the following:

- The night we started a mariachi band
- The night we ate everything on the menu
- The night we brought a horse into the bar
- The night we bungee jumped off the Statue of Liberty
- The night we stole a mummy from the natural history museum
- The night we partied with the mole people
- The night we tracked down Phil Collins, became best friends with him and talked him into reuniting with Peter Gabriel, and then we got to sing back-up on the new Genesis album and it was awesome.
- The night we stole a camel

As it turns out, Barney just wants to avoid thinking about Quinn while she's at work, because she's a stripper and she's doing stripper things. She only said she'd quit when she got married, so...

Meanwhile, Marshall overhears Lily talking in her sleep while she has a sex dream, and then watches her turn vermillion (yes, vermillion) when he asks her about it. So he tries to get to the bottom of who it was, and it turns out it's Ranjit, so then he ends up at dinner with Ranjit while Lily goes to talk to Quinn. Yeah, it doesn't make a ton of sense.

But even weirder than that is Robin's storyline. We're back to her whole VIP famous complex thing that she has, only this time she's kinda deserving of some recognition. She doesn't get it, though, until her helicopter pilot has a stroke during the traffic segment, and Robin has to land the helicopter herself. Yes, Robin lands a helicopter. It's a totally desperate and misplaced storyline that would seem kinda silly in even the most ridiculous of sitcoms, so it really doesn't have much purpose here.

Ultimately, a major down week. I didn't even write down any jokes because none of them really struck me as being all that funny. The season is winding down, so hopefully that was just a bit of filler before we get to the good stuff over the next month or so.