'Ice Road Truckers' Returns Soon, Promises 'Twice the Ice'

'Ice Road Truckers' Returns Soon, Promises 'Twice the Ice' One of History channel's shows that isn't about WWII returns with a brand-new season just a couple of weeks. That's right, folks: it's ice road truckin' time.

Season five of "Ice Road Truckers" will hit History on Sunday, June 5th. The show quickly found a loyal fan base when it premiered back in 2007, for reasons only they could tell you. Is it the constant threat of a fiery death for the truckers? Is it because it reminds people that driving to work in the winter before the snow plows get there isn't as bad as it could be? Or is it just because it's a show that's on History that has nothing to do with history?

In any case, this season hopes to add extra drama by introducing a bit of competition. Some of last year's truckers will be tackling dangerous roads in Canada while the others continue to slip-slide their way through Alaska. Season five promises "Twice the Ice, Double the Danger." And, apparently, half the pretense of hoping that everyone will make it out alive.

The new season also introduces a new cast member: New York trucker (and model, apparently) Maya Seiber will be joining the truckers. Maya goes by the nickname "Short Stack"...she's 5'4" and about 115 lbs. The idea of someone that size controlling an 18-wheeler makes my brain hurt.

You can check out a blog post by Maya here, and catch the season five premiere of "Ice Road Truckers" on the History Channel on June 5th at 9:00pm.