If Indonesian Show Goes On, Lady Gaga Claims She'll Go It Alone

If Indonesian Show Goes On, Lady Gaga Claims She'll Go It Alone Mother Monster has herself some serious guns to which she plans on sticking.

There's no guarantee yet that an initially denied permit will torpedo Lady Gaga's June 3 Jakarta, Indonesia Born This Way Ball gig. E! Online and MTV News reported Wednesday that promoters were actively reasoning with government officials to overrule the Indonesian national police and let her perform. Police denied her promoters' permit request earlier this month following Islamic critics' protests of her show's risque content.

The opposition to her performance has reportedly gotten so vehement, that the multi-time Grammy nominee has received threats of violence if she does take the stage. Gaga claimed that her alternative had been to censor her show. Knowing Gaga as we the people do, one might as well have asked her to barbeque her meat dress.

Knowing just where to find her Little Monster masses, Gaga took to Twitter to break down the situation simply.

It's not like it's a completely unfamiliar situation. The seeming Patron Saint of "Glee" faced a similar issue this past April when protests by Christian groups resulted in her tour's stop in Seoul being deemed an "Adults-Only" gig. Despite similar Christian protests in the Philippines last week, two scheduled Manilla gigs went off as planned.

Besides, she always has a backup plan.

That's our Mother.

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