Injured Spiderman Actor Can't Wait to Perform Back in the Show

Injured Spiderman Actor Can't Wait to Perform Back in the Show Christopher Tierney, the actor who suffered a serious injury while performing during one of the previews of the most expensive and problematic Broadway musical “Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark said that he can’t wait to go back to the show to perform.

Despite having a fractured skull & shoulder blade, four broken ribs & three broken vertebra Tierney doesn’t want to quit his role and he is looking forward to put on the spidey costume and sling back and forth for the audience.

Tierney said, “I can’t wait to get back to the show. I love being Spider-Man.”

The stage actor was very professional for not pointing his finger against the producers or the individuals responsible for the technical mistakes that lead to his accident.

Tierney explained that what happened was a bad accident and it was a collective fault not the producers, not Julie Taymor, the director of the show. “They would give us the shirts off their backs if it was the last thing they had to make sure we were OK,” said the stage actor.

After his more or less than 30-foot fall, the Spider Man actor is confident that the show is now safer. “Now the approach to safety is above and beyond, It’s almost too safe now,” said the actor laughing.

The actor said that every day he is making progress and he is in high hopes that he’ll be able to go back on stage when he is fully recovered. Tierney said, I’m up and walking around with very little pain, Thank God it’s not turning out as serious as it could have been. I mean, I did break a whole bunch of bones, but I’m up and walking.”

Tierney recalled what happened during the night of the accident and he said that he just jump and shocked when he realized that he wasn’t attached and he just kept on going and all he did was prepare for the impact of his fall.

He passed out for a few seconds and when he regain his consciousness he just wanted to get up and walk but the paramedics didn’t allow him to move and immediately rushed him to the hospital.

Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark have already suffered many set back, the latest was the departure of the show’s major actress Natalie Mendoza who plays the role of Arachne, Spider Man’s evil love interest.

Mendoza explained that she is still recovering from the concussion she sustained during the preview performance of the show and still taking nausea tablets and painkillers.

T.V, Carpio an actress who filled in for Mendoza several times was chosen to permanently perform the role of Arachne. Carpio has worked with director Julie Taymor in the film “Across the Universe.”

No Matter what happens the show must go on…and yes Spider Man is selling out tickets in the box office like pancakes. The average ticket price for the show is $121 and last week’s tickets we’re sold out.

Spider Man only proves that it has strong followers who like Tierney just loves the super hero. They are eager to see the spectacular $65 million Broadway musical.