Interview: Kevin McHale Dishes On The Shifting Next Season Of 'Glee'

Interview: Kevin McHale Dishes On The Shifting Next Season Of 'Glee' WARNING! Depending upon how far and how closely you've followed "Glee" and its companion reality competition series on Oxygen "The Glee Project," the following may contain a few spoilers. If you really don't feel like chancing it, then turn away now.

Are we clear? Good.

Funny thing is, it seems that if anyone were to tell Kevin McHale (wheelchair-bound Artie) something significant about the coming fourth season of Fox's "Glee," it might be as much a spoiler to him as anybody.

It seems he's a fitting "The Glee Project" mentor to instruct in adaptability. Tuesday night, he'll test whether this season's hopefuls bucking for a regular-cast spot miss a beat when he calls an audible on an assignment. The able-bodied McHale, after all, has been doing it three full seasons as he's faithfully adapted to convincingly operating a wheelchair week-in, week-out.

"In theory I wanted to pull a Simon Cowell and be very harsh and what I thought was truthful," he told E! Online recently, invoking the notorious "American Idol" taskmaster. "And then the assignment for the week was so hard! Like the whole twist they threw into it, and even I was like, 'I don't think I could do that.'"

McHale refers to taking the group-performance assignment of Alanis Morissette angst-sammich "You Oughta Know," and reassigning it as a solo to be performed by each contestant by his or her lonesome.

"Every week is adaptability, but my character obviously has a close connection with adaptability," McHale added. "But everybody's characters do, only because we are playing those kind of characters and we're doing different songs every week, so even just doing the work you have to adapt every single day."

These days, McHale claims he's doing plenty of shifting on the fly. He'd like to tell more about the upcoming fourth season of "Glee," but even he's largely still in the dark - even on the roles played by a few announced big-name cameo stars.

"I have no idea [what's happening next season], which I kind of love because it's terrifying," he said. "I'm assuming Kate Hudson and . . . Sarah Jessica Parker? I'm assuming they will be with the New York crowd in some aspects, but hopefully I'll bump into them."

For more from McHale, check out the interview clip conveniently placed below.

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