'Iron Man 3' Spoilers Explain Leaked Iron Patriot Armor Pics

Last week we shared some leaked photos from the set of "Iron Man 3" with you, revealing a potential hero/villain in the movie that we previously didn't know about: Iron Patriot. That raised a number of questions, though, especially considering that Norman Osborn, a Spider-Man character, was the one who created and wore that suit of armor in the comics.

Since the Spider-Man rights belong elsewhere, he couldn't appear in "Iron Man 3" legally, so what gives? And is that James Badge Dale in the suit? That's even more confusing!

As it turns out, neither Norman Osborn in any way, shape or form will be in "Iron Man 3." And that's not James Badge Dale in the armor... it's just a stuntman. The Iron Patriot armor will actually be worn by War Machine, aka James Rhodes (Don Cheadle), most likely as part of some sort of military initiative.

As for Badge Dale, he will likely end up the recipient of some of the Extremis technology that main villain Alrich Killian (played by Guy Pearce) will be creating as a threat to Iron Man. So expect Badge Dale to be in as Coldblood, and not wearing the Iron Patriot armor as rumored.

Meanwhile, Marvel has released an official set photo from "Iron Man 3," which you can see below. The photo features Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, surveying all of his past suits of armor, from the original all the way up through the suits used in "The Avengers."