It's Kristen Stewart's Birthday: Watch Charlize Theron's Happy Birthday Video

Today, for those who aren't already aware and haven't already made some kind of cake that sparkles in the sun, is Kristen Stewart's birthday. The "Twilight" star turns 22 today, which should make all of you out there who are in your mid 20's and haven't starred in some of the highest-grossing movies of all time feel really good about yourselves.

Already the Internet is on fire with well-wishes for K-Stew, as fans are taking to YouTube to make happy birthday videos. One of them is Charlize Theron, who of course has the most well-produced video of the lot.

The video, which looks to have been shot concurrently with some behind-the-scenes interviews for "Snow White and the Huntsman," features Theron wishing K-Stew a happy birthday, and awkwardly telling her to "keep rockin, man." The two obviously know each other fairly well at this point from working on "SWATH" together, in which Stewart plays Snow White and Theron plays the evil queen.

Theron has been active with the Internet videos of late: for April Fool's Day, she made a series of videos for Funny or Die that included her sex tape and a video of her practicing an Oscar acceptance speech.

Check out Charlize Theron's happy birthday video to Kristen Stewart below: