It's Official: 'Community' Renewed for Shortened Season (Maybe Its Last)

It's Official: 'Community' Renewed for Shortened Season (Maybe Its Last) We previously reported that "30 Rock" would be getting an abbreviated half-season renewal, and that "Community" and "Parks and Recreation" might follow suit. Well, now it's official: "Community" will be back for a 13-episode fourth season.

That's both good and bad news for fans, as we will get to enjoy another 13 episodes of one of the smartest, most ambitious comedies on television. However, the fact that NBC isn't so gung-ho as to renew the show for a full season is troubling.

As we know from the "30 Rock" announcement, that 13-episode order is to allow the show to close out, and it will be subsequently cancelled. There's no confirmation yet as to whether the deal is the same for "Community," but considering the low ratings and the shelving this year, that could easily happen.

Adding to the challenge to keep "Community" on the air is competition from a number of new NBC comedies, including the promising "1600 Penn," which seems a lock to be picked up to series, as well as a new show from "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy and others starring Matthew Perry and Anne Heche.

Even if "Community" ends up cancelled after this half-season order, that might not be the end of the show altogether. Hulu and "Community" have become fast friends, as the show performs well on the website. And considering both Hulu and Netflix are moving into original programming, they might be eager to pick up an already-existing show with a built-in, loyal fan base.

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