It's Official: 'Fringe' Renewed, But Will End After Season 5 (Watch the Trailer)

It's Official: 'Fringe' Renewed, But Will End After Season 5 (Watch the Trailer) Well, there's good news and bad news, though the bad news isn't exactly unexpected: "Fringe" will be renewed for season five (yay!) but will be cancelled after that (boo). The fifth and final season will be a 13-episode run that will start this fall.

The fact that season five will be the final season of "Fringe" is no surprise. Due to the high cost of the show and the low ratings, "Fringe" has seemingly been on the bubble since the start. The fact that the show is one of the most-watched on DVR after the original airing doesn't seem to do much in convincing execs to keep it going. In fact, there were questions of whether the fifth season would happen at all.

The good thing about all this is that "Fringe" will have the opportunity to close its complicated plot lines and give the show closure, which is more than you can say for past sci-fi FOX show like, say, "Firefly." In fact, "Fringe" star Joshua Jackson said as much himself: "The important thing to me is that our writers are given a chance to finish the show because it's a serialized show."

With this news, a new trailer for "Fringe" season five was posted today. While it doesn't include any new footage yet (for obvious reasons), it does recap some of the action thus far and set up the direction of the fifth and final season.

Watch the trailer for "Fringe" season 5 below: