'Jackass' Crew Working on New Ryan Dunn Tribute Special

'Jackass' Crew Working on New Ryan Dunn Tribute Special "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn died on June 20th of this year, after driving his Porsche 130 m.p.h. into a grove of trees in Pennsylvania. He was drunk at the time, and reportedly died on impact in the tragic accident.

Since that time, fans have been showing tribute to Dunn at the accident site, Johnny Knoxville penned a loving tribute to his bud, and the "Jackass" crew shared a hastily-put-together (though nonetheless memorable) video with the public that played at his memorial service.

Now comes word from "Jackass" director Jeff Tremaine that a new tribute special with unseen footage and interviews with Dunn's friends is on the way.

"We're gearing up to do a tribute to Ryan," Tremaine told Screen Junkies.

"That's our next project. [His death] hurt pretty bad. It's hurt everybody, but we want to celebrate his life and show everybody. We have just such an amazing bank of footage of him. We're going to dig it all up so we'll discover it too," said Tremaine.

Tremaine went on to talk about some of the unseen footage that may show up in the film.

"There's always been the Van Surfing, him and Chris [Pontius] re-enacting a scene from 'Teen Wolf' that didn't go well," he said. "Ryan was riding on the roof of the van and the van was speeding towards a body of water, stopped a little bit short. He made it to the water but the water was only like five inches deep, slammed pretty bad. We decided not to air that because we thought that kids might imitate it too easily."

Watch the tribute video for Ryan Dunn from his memorial service:

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