James Franco is Making a Movie About Lindsay Lohan

Apparently Lindsay Lohan is the new go-to actress for art films and music videos. First there was the short art film shot by Richard Phillips, featuring Lohan lounging around a mansion in Malibu in a bikini, and then there were the recent rumors that Lohan will be featured in the newest Lady Gaga video.

Now, it looks like Lohan might be teaming up with James Franco for a new film (or "art project" as he puts it). According to a casting breakdown posted on Actor's Access, Franco is shooting a feature film that tells the story of "the life of two Hollywood celebrities." The breakdown asks for "James Franco types" and "Lindsay Lohan types" at the ages of 13, 21, 30, 45 and 60. Franco is listed as the director.

Notably, the breakdown doesn't say that Franco will be starring in the film, nor that Lohan will appear either. So it looks more likely that Franco is simply basing the characters in the movie on himself and on Lohan. Were there a gap in the ages requested at around 30, we could presume that the two actors would be appearing as themselves, but since it calls for 30-year-olds, perhaps that's not the case.

Regardless, it's still a bit odd that Franco has decided to make a movie about himself and Lindsay Lohan, isn't it? Then again, pretty much everything Franco does is odd these days. Plus, there was that coffee table book that Franco and Lohan appeared in together.