Renaissance Man James Franco to Release EP

Well, for all those who have decided that James Franco - an acclaimed movie star who, in his spare time, completed an undergraduate degree in two years, an MFA in just over one year, and is on his way to getting at least one Ph.D. - is the most annoying person on the planet, this will undoubtedly come as more annoying news. According to Pitchfork, he and performance artist Kalup Linzy will release a three-song EP titled "Turn it Up" on July 12th.

The partnership between the two personalities was formed on the set of "General Hospital." Franco invited Linzy to perform on the soap opera while he was in the midst of his long-running guest stint. Since then, they've become a performance duo, chiefly in New York City.

The EP, featuring the songs "Rising (Both Sides Now)," "Turn it Up (So We Can Turn it Out)," and "Fly Away," will be available both as a digital download and in a limited edition 7" physical EP.

While I don't think I'll be picking up the EP (check out the video below for a shaky rendition of "Proud Mary"), I really don't understand why, of all people, James Franco is the guy everyone's decided to pick on all of a sudden. Yes, how dare he seek the highest level of education and use his considerable clout to explore different artistic avenues. That is truly the lowest thing a person can do. Even if I was twice as rich as Franco, I'd never have the energy to so much as attempt half the things he has already accomplished.

Franco can next be seen in, of all things, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" on August 5th.