Jef On 'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard: She Wants Love

Jef On 'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard: She Wants Love One of Emily Maynard's more captivating suitors on "The Bachelorette" tells "Entertainment Tonight" that he absolutely sees her in it for the right reasons.

Following a jilted contestant's interview calling Maynard in so many words a golddigger, Jef Holm opened up that money never entered the convesation until well after the two had become acquainted. In an interview with ETonline, Joe Gendreau went so far as to claim Holm's substantial financial stability was the only reason Maynard was so into him.

Not it hasn't been an issue he's confronted with previous ladies.

"We never talked about financial things or money," Holm said, adding that previous companions have had "expensive tastes" that became problematic. "She mentioned to me, on our next sto, that she thought I still lived at home. She had no idea about my financial status. I never knew anything about hers."

Holm claimed he's "flattered" that many people believe he's the one who finally wins Maynard's hand a few weeks form now, and admits he's "still crazy for her." He believes that he has all the makings, from his upbringing and roots in faith, of a fine family man. "I told Emily that I would love to skateboard with Ricki and play soccer," he said. And when Ricki starts dating, "I'll be waiting at the door with two skateboards instead of intimidating him with a shotgun!"

Otherwise, Holm kept mum about the coming week's tumultuous revelation of Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s previous relationship with an ABC producer.

"I don't know if he's engaged or not. If he is, that's awesome. I'm pretty confident he'll invite me to the wedding," Holm said of Luyendyk, with whom he said he became very close while shooting. "I know for a fact it wouldn't be awkward between Arie and me, but I would wonder if it would be okay with Emily. We had something different than what she had with any of the other guys. I would want to be there because I love and care for Emily and Arie."

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