Jeff Goldblum Stalker Arrested

Scary! Being a celebrity certainly does have its downfalls. Paparazzi, stalkers… you know, the usual.

Jeff Goldblum is one of the man celebs who would be happy to fill you in. Last night his own personal stalker was arrested for violating her restraining order.

Linda Ransom has been harassing the “Jurassic Park” star for more than ten years according to Goldblum. She would follow him constantly, in public, or showing up at his house uninvited, or appearing multiple times to watch his stage performances in New York or Los Angeles.

Must be decent money in the stalking industry to afford that kind of travel.

In June, Goldblum was granted a 3-year restraining order against Ransom. It calls for Ransom to stay at least 100 feet away from Goldblum at all times.

Recently Ransom appeared at the Ahmanson Theater in L.A. where Goldblum was performing, and approached within 20 feet of the star.She was arrested and her bail was set at $5,000.

Ransom didn’t do well in court the first time. When Goldblum was granted the restraining order, she “completely lost her composure when trying to argue her case, demanding to know the names of Goldblum's attorneys, rambling on about needing legal advice, and speaking over the judge.”

Random was also noted as acting paranoid and disturbed. The judge reportedly told her, "Ma'am, you're acting irrationally."

Worrisome stuff for cool dude like Goldblum.

He’s certainly not the only celebrity to experience a little too much love from fans. Miley Cyrus, Mila Kunis, Madonna, and Charlie Sheen, along with many others, can relate to Goldblum’s situation.