Jennifer Lawrence, 'The Hunger Games' And 'Disgusting' Paparazzi

To hear "The Hunger Games" lead Jennifer Lawrence tell it, her art sometimes imitates life a little more than she'd like. Still, demand is demanding.

Before the much talked-about Suzanne Collins adaptation's premiere this coming Friday, Lawrence said at a recent press powwow that Katniss Everdeen's fictitious fight for life in her dystopian future's annual prime-time death match sometimes doesn't feel too far off the truth. Nevertheless, reports E! Online's Ted Casablanca, she seemingly acknowledges one will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

"It's kind of the same about paparazzi and tabloids," she said at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. "It's like, yeah it's disgusting; I wish that we could get away and get rid of it. But it's what people want, it's what makes money."

Lawrence has already displayed a certain wariness about media intrusion into her own life. She recently expressed no regrets about previously passing up the "Twilight" lead role that made "Kristen Stewart" a household name, and even implied that she had second and probably third thoughts about playing Everdeen in Collins' trilogy. That being said, she gets the point that things are what they are: paparazzi make big money because tabloids buy what they sell, and make a killing as the middle-men passing along the dirt to the masses.

"I haven't actually had any swarms. I get the creepy ones that hide in the bushes outside my house that I don't see," Lawrence told E!. "I don't know how I get to trade them. I'd much rather walk through a wall of people than to like . . . see horrible pictures of me show up that I had no idea were being taken."

Certainly give her this much: she's at least upfront with herself and accepts what comes with the territory. Life's a little more satisfying and a lot less stressful when one just decisively accepts one way or another that one can either take a road's bad with its good, or not take that road at all.