Jeremy Renner Scoffs At 'Stupid, Stupid' Kardashians

Jeremy Renner Scoffs At 'Stupid, Stupid' Kardashians With his name attached to two box office-topping blockbuster films this summer - first Marvel's record-toppling "The Avengers," then this month's franchise debut "The Bourne Legacy" - and probably a pretty good idea what "talented contribution to culture" looks like, Jeremy Renner knows a waste of oxygen when he sees one.

Need proof? Play Word Association some time, then toss out "Kardashians." Thoughts, Mr. Renner, sir?

"Oh, all those ridiculous people with zero talent who spend their lives making sure everyone knows their name," Renner remarked recently. "Those stupid, stupid people."

Reporting on Renner's verbal roll of the eyes, Perez Hilton sniped "Well! That's not very nice at all!"

That's why he gets the big traffic, folks: that astonishing grasp of the obvious.

Let's keep in mind, we're not that removed from "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm being even more blunt still earlier this year when he called Kim Kardashian a "f**king idiot." It seems Renner and Hamm simply have the same standard-issue bulls**t detector that twinges the talented and makes them ask, "I know why people respect me, but just what exactly do you do?"

Hilton begs to differ. Of course, he does.

"You've got over 15 million followers on Twitter and get paid the big bucks to do what you do, so clearly, you're not that 'stupid,'" he remarked.

No, Pumpkin. Ignore Perez. The above actually means nothing.

Kim Kardashian having 15 million Twitter followers just suggests that probably at least 7.5 million people are aware that video evidence exists immortalizing at least one occasion when she's played "Hide the Hose" with Brandy's little brother. That is, indeed, what made her famous, along with being the daughter of a super-attorney and step-daughter of an Olympian (incidentally, both people who earned their way with defined skills.)

The "big bucks" she has could largely be traced back to one thing she "does" - or, in this case, "did": successfully exited just the right vagina. Since then, what she "does" or "has done" consists mostly of taking her clothes off, screwing, taking her clothes off again, and being famous for.....well, we're still not really sure what reason.

Most of the above takes precious little of the talent Renner acknowledges she lacks. In fact, her biggest "talent" would get her thrown in the pokey were it to "earn" her any income anywhere except Las Vegas.

Quite possibly the funniest part? Or perhaps, the saddest? The number of people who will click this article, based largely on the name Kardashian" in the headline, and comment below - in rambling fashion, perhaps in all caps, and with hilarious spelling - about how little they care about this story.

I'm setting the over-under at two-dozen remarks of emphatic apathy. Takers?

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