'Jersey Shore' Producers May Phase out Snooki, The Situation

'Jersey Shore' Producers May Phase out Snooki, The Situation Tumultuous times may await MTV's "Jersey Shore." But are they so desperate that two show icons may lose their spots to new blood?

Don't dismiss it. With Snooki expecting and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's substance abuse issues coming to light, TMZ reports that MTV and 495 Productions may reduce the duo's roles next season.

Snooki's baby alone demands more than enough adjustments. There's already talk that the sixth season, shooting this summer, will have a big focus on the latter stages of the mom-to-be's first pregnancy. What's more, the network has kept mum about how this impacts the planned spin-off focusing on Snooki and pal JWoww.

Then came The Situation's sitch. TMZ broke the story March 20 that the shredded-up ex-Staten Island gym manager had checked into Cirque Lodge seeking substance-abuse treatment. The site then claimed March 21 that his hard partying got "worse than ever" while filming the fifth season. That included The Situation acting "paranoid" and "jittery" during an episode when the gang went camping.

For just about any other celebrity, kicking some bad habits doesn't present a problem. But this is a bunch whose collective job security seemingly revolves around being able to hold their liquor. There's sometimes rarely a moment per episode when there's not booze making its presence felt somehow. So how does one of the show's most popular faces get by with all of that going on around him?

Well, rumor has it, MTV and 495 Productions have started early rebuilding. Producers have reportedly starting talking about phasing in younger housemates who can still party it up without slowing down. Meanwhile, plans also include scaling back The Situation and Snooki's respective time on screen. That way, they show retains their face values while letting fans attach themselves to their eventual successors.

Producers didn't give TMZ a word to run with, but it makes sense. Nobody consumes the controlled substances of any kind that this bunch does or does that much smushing without some eventual consequences. It was bound to catch up to somebody. It was just a matter of who. Plust, there's the fact that many people do eventually just grow up.

C'mon, folks. We knew what this was. We also knew it was never going to one day be fist-pumpin' shuffleboard and bridge.

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