'Jersey Shore' Season 6 Trailer: Going Out The Way They Came In

'Jersey Shore' Season 6 Trailer: Going Out The Way They Came In You might love MTV's "Jersey Shore."  You might hate it.

Either way, try and deny that it's never delivered anything except exactly what's on the tin.

Perez Hilton has the newest trailer for the sixth and final season with the Guidos and Guidettes and unlike so many shows going out this season after becoming shadows of their former selves through years, it's nothing but another shot of fans' favorite flavors.

The show became infamous the moment in the first season that it aired Snooki taking a spontaneously thrown straight punch to the mouth and dropping like Minnesota's mercury in January. It's final bow is going to include Deena being ushered into a squad car after some daytime boozing. Meanwhile, The Situation deals with personal evolution after his self-imposed rehab, including mending some fences with his housemates.

Stil elsewhere, Snooki remains right in the thick of the madness, even with son Lorenzo still marinating prior to his late-August debut. "Pregnant Bitch is here!"

Actually - maybe, not so much. At one point, Snooki has a moment of conscience and informs her friends she's considering moving out for the good of her pregnancy.

Ultimately, nobody sums it up quite like Vinny: "We're gonna party one last f**kin' time."

Cheers and Godspeed, Guidos.