'Jersey Shore' Sneak Peek: More Fights at the Club (VIDEO)

'Jersey Shore' Sneak Peek: More Fights at the Club (VIDEO) So far on this fourth season of "Jersey Shore," we've seen Ronnie and Sammi argue, Ronnie and The Situation fight, Snooki and Deena fight at the bar (and then make out), and Snooki throw glass bottles and pretty much anything else at Sitch. This might be one of the bigger fights-per-minute seasons we've seen.

It doesn't look like things are going to slow down, either, as the preview clip for this week's episode of "Jersey Shore" has even more fighting happening at the club.

First, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino gets up in the faces of some Florence locals, and the other guys step in and try to hold him back.

Looks like Sitch might be a little more confident now that he's got his Kung Fu Panda moves... but Vinny isn't buying it for a second.

Then the girls get in their own spat as Deena gets yet another drink thrown at her as the girls get harassed by some of the club patrons (and even the bartender, it looks like). Get ready for another Snooki rampage.

Watch a preview of "Jersey Shore" season 4, episode 11 "Situation Problems" below:

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