Jon Stewart Twitter-Punks A White House Hopeful, 'Mad Men'-Style

Jon Stewart Twitter-Punks A White House Hopeful, 'Mad Men'-Style Oh, that Jon Stewart.

The host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" saw an opportunity in GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman's well-meaning hashtag promotion of his Tuesday Twitter Town Hall meeting, and jumped on it.

Huntsman tweeted his followers “I’m taking your questions on Twitter at 4:45 ET TODAY. Use hashtag #Q4Jon. Excited to do it!” According to Entertainment Weekly, Stewart caught this and lent a hand by rallying his "Daily Show" faithful.

 “@MadMen_AMC fans: tweet Jon Hamm your questions by 4:15 Eastern! Hashtag #Q4Jon," the funnyman tweeted.

Give Huntsman this, though: he wasn't merely perceptive, but also a good sport about it. One would-be constituent asked him "Jon, in ten years do you see yourself following George Clooney’s or Tom Selleck’s career path?” and Huntsman replied good-naturedly " “I definitely want Clooney’s career path. But I think that Q was for Jon Hamm. Funny prank @TheDailyShow! #Q4Jon.”

As it unfolded, Huntsman also pulled no punches on key partisan talking points: “Yes! RT @tjmorf: @JonHuntsman Do you feel those who spell John w/ H are wasteful liberals using consonants wantonly & w/o discretion? #Q4Jon.”

As others have proven before, it's the best way to survive the Jon Stewart Experience: get in on the joke, give as good as you get, and most importantly . . . never take it personally.

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