Judge Dismisses Ashley Judd's Sexual Harassment Claim Against Harvey Weinstein

Ashley Judd can't claim that Harvey Weinstein harassed her because she didn't work for him at the time, according to a California judge. It's a setback for one of the claims against the disgraced Hollywood producer. Read on for details.

Via Page Six.

For the second time, a Los Angeles federal judge has dismissed Ashley Judd’s claim that Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed her during a hotel room meeting in the mid-1990s.

Judd was one of the first to speak out against Weinstein on the record, helping to popularize the #MeToo movement. She alleged that Weinstein tried to get her to give him a massage and invited her to watch him take a shower. In April, she filed a lawsuit alleging that Weinstein had damaged her career in retaliation for her refusal.

Judge Philip Gutierrez ruled in September that Judd could not claim sexual harassment because she did not have a professional relationship with Weinstein at the time. Gutierrez allowed Judd to proceed with her claims for defamation and retaliation.

Gutierrez also allowed Judd to amend her complaint to try to salvage the sexual harassment claim. Since then, the California Legislature has amended the sexual harassment law to explicitly include directors and producers among professionals covered by the law.

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