Justin Bieber Brings The Fangirl Insanity To 'Today'

Justin Bieber Brings The Fangirl Insanity To 'Today' The headlines haven't exactly been nice to Justin Bieber lately. In fact, they've made him look quite the little miscreant.

Come what may, he's ever the showman.

The 18-year-old Canuck recording phenom, boxing enthusiast and Twitter scourge brought one big ol' Bieber-Fever recurrence to NBC's "Today" this morning, and you'll see hordes of Walkers traipsing about Atlanta on "The Walking Dead" less terrifying than the throngs of Beliebers there to worship their Lord and Zach Morris-looking master.

The crowd bodes well for Bieber's upcoming album Believe, which releases June 19 on the heels of his new single "Boyfriend" scorching the charts.

Entertainment Weekly reports that even Matt Lauer got down with The Bieb, setting up a Twitter account on the spot to report live on the insanity from Rockefeller Center. So by all means, get thee moving and welcome @MLauer to the Twitter-hood.

(*Ahem* Feel free to also follow @247Sean, @eatros and @Yidio while you're at it. Y'know, if you want. We wouldn't mind at all.)

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