Justin Bieber Tweets Random Phone Number, Faces Legal Action

I'm old enough to remember a time when Facebook was restricted to people 18 years of age and older - specifically, to current and former post-high school students.

Or as I'd rather call it..."the good old days."

As a consequence of a moment of "Just what the f*** was THAT supposed to accomplish?", irritating moppet with a record deal Justin Bieber now faces possible legal action from a Texas couple whose phone number he published to 19 million Bieber-Fever patients. Dingus "randomly" tweeted the couple's phone number's first nine digits earlier this month with the message "Call me right now," TMZ reports. As a result, the couple identified as Dilcie and Kent Fleming, haven't had a moment's peace as their phone has kept ringing.

Their attorney told TMZ that their patience has "worn thin" as the couple's call volume day after day climbs into quadruple-digits. The attorney has some ideas about just how Bieber could compensate the pair for the needless trouble the little stain has caused: money for resulting out-of-pocket expenses would be a start reportedly, but the attorney has also recommended Bieber's personal apology, concert tickets for pair's grandkids and an endorsement for Kent's forthcoming, undisclosed online project.

This isn't even the first time Bieber has landed in this hot water. In 2010, when a hacker toyed with a friend's Twitter, Bieber tweeted the offender's digits and probably had a good laugh as the hacker had to delete his Twitter account after non-stop calls and texts. Earlier even this month, on March 10, Bieber leaked yet another random Texas phone number with a question mark where the last digit should've been. The numbers poor owner had to unplug his phone.

Here's the real question: where is Anonymous to screw with someone who actually deserves it?