Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift Among Walmart Shareholders' Meeting Guests

Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift Among Walmart Shareholders' Meeting Guests Walmart knows how to throw shareholders a party.

According to Billboard, the world's largest retailer recently needed someone impactful to host its 2012 shareholder conference. They turned to no less than Justin Timberlake to emcee the annual meeting of the minds behind the money today, and Timberlake didn't exactly travel alone.

Sorry, no Jessica Biel here. He was joined by performers headlined by Taylor Swift, and also including Lionel Richie, the Zac Brown Band, Juanes and Take 6.

The big bash convened at 8 AM ET/PT in Fayetteville, Ark. The gathering reportedly had a more entertainment-oriented, relaxed atmosphere than past years' meetings. The 50th-anniversary festivities included Timberlake filming a vignette that included him doling out coffee pots and towels to waiting Walmart staffers. "It's incredible to absorb and watch the impact Walmart makes," he said.

"My duties are going beyond hosting," Timberlake added. "It seems to be running the gamut."

Amid the schtick, executives reportedly downplayed a recent Mexican bribery scandal while upholding stable fiscal performance. Sam's Club President/CEO Rosalind Brewer deemed the 1980s "the decade of Sam's Club," referencing that the buy-in-bulk membership retailer's dominance coincided with what she cited as the decade of Michael Jackson.

She's quite the pop-culture lexicon among executives. She discussed Walmart's 1990s success paralleling James Cameron's "Titanic," and made sure to remind shareholders and colleagues that the 2000s gave rise to Beyonce, Harry Potter and continued Sam's Club expansion.

And yet, shareholders couldn't have been treated to a spontaneous Timberlake "Dick In A Box?"

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