Kanye West Bristles At 'Publicity Stunt' Relationship With Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Bristles At 'Publicity Stunt' Relationship With Kim Kardashian Why is Kanye West mad? This is no less than an acknowledgement that people are paying attention to him. He ordinarily only gets this upset when nobody gives a s**t.

Not that he would ever pull a stunt that would have him branded an unapologetic attention whore, but the Grammy-nominated rapper/producer took umbrage with Oprah Winfrey asking if his relationship with Kim Kardashian is one strictly of convenience.

"No, I couldn't sacrifice my heart for a publicity stunt," Kardashian, 31, answered Winfrey when she asked the question directly during June 24's "Oprah's Next Chapter."

Her heart? Nope. That's off the table. Her girly bits? Well, take your pick: table? Bed? Floor? Bent over the couch? World's your oyster, TMZ.

A source speaking on behalf of West, 35, wasn't quite as laconic.  But what the sources lacked in brevity, he made up for in eloquence and inspired profundity.  I believe the individual may have paraphrased The Bard when telling Hollywood Life, "Kanye's living for Kim right now, man. It's the real f**king deal.  There's no publicity s**t happening here. Kanye could get any woman he wants for a bullsh**t publicity stunt if he wanted to! He doesn't have time for that.  He's serious about his s**t and he's serious about Kim.  She's serious about him.  Period!

"He doesn't need Kim and vice versa - she doesn't need him for anything," the source expanded, sensing a lack of clarity regarding his take on the pair's coupling. "They are in this because they're feeling each other real tough and it's a tight-a** bond."

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