Kanye West Makes Over Kim Kardashian's Closet. Alert the President!

Kanye West Makes Over Kim Kardashian's Closet. Alert the President! “It’s like… oh, my God.”

Wise words, Kim Kardashian. But then, do you know any others?

In a totally pointless but kind of funny clip, E! has snuck us a preview of the next “Keeping Up with The Kardashians,”  wherein Kim Kardashian brings in her boyfriend, Kanye West (just in case you didn’t know that the two were dating, since they keep it so off the radar), along with West’s stylist, Renelous Padora, to make over Kardashian’s closet.

Kardashian supplies us with a great preview of her usual lofty but totally pointless statements (“I think my style’s just evolving and changing, and I think it should, because, that’s, you know, what life is about”), while West mutters little more than handful of rapper-style syllables, such as, “What about this joint right here?”

This is regarding a purse, which Padora steps in nicely to defend, because, “It’s a dog bag, no?”

Unfortunately no, no, it isn’t, especially since Kardashian and dogs apparently don’t go together unless a photo opportunity is present.

Kim struggles. Why not keep it, and pass it down to her kids? What greater gift can a parent give her child, after all, than a fuzzy and shiny purse thing that kinda looks like a doggie carrier?

But before we get lost trying to picture any self-entitled offspring West and Kardashian might produce, let’s put the focus back on Kardashian, because that’s how she maintains her life force.

In the episode, West helps his girlfriend by “collaborating” on her fashion taste, and helps to make her more of an “individual.”

And as we know, ladies, nothing makes us more individualistic than letting our boyfriends gut our closets, insult our taste, throw all our clothes away, and replace them with ones they like.