Kardashian Family Makes A Notorious B.I.G. Music Video

Kardashian Family Makes A Notorious B.I.G. Music Video Were the late Notorious B.I.G. alive today, accusations he had Tupac Shakur shot probably wouldn't be the only thing from which he'd want his name very, very distanced.

Apparently fearing their ridiculous whiteness might be called into questions, the Kardashian family has made a new music video - this one, to Biggie's posthumous 1996 hip-hop classic, "Hypnotize." Seriously.

Unlike Biggie's music video for the lead single off Life After Death, this probably wouldn't pass "Girls Gone Wild" muster. Much of the clan gets in on it, including Bruce Jenner's youngest girls Kylie and Kendall. The siblings gyrate around in animal-print bikinis while Kourtney Kardashian gets a little bump-n'-grind on, baby bump and all.

That's right, little gestating Kardashian bambino. That's your mother. And that's you, stretching her swimsuit. Oh, and that clown-shoe lip-syncing in the purple do-rag? That's Scott Disick. You have to call him "Dad."

That lady at the end of the clip, dancing and exclaiming "Where's my music, motherf**ker?!" That's Grandma.

Does nobody else but me remember the good ol' days, when rich and talentless heiresses had to do some serious work to make a name for themselves? Like have sex on camera?

And should this clip bore you, fret not. Kylie and Kendall's YouTube channel also features "covers" of "E.T." and "Firework" by Katy Perry, and the Kardashian family's take on "Lady Marmalade."

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