Kathy Griffin Responds to Sarah Palin's 'Bully' Comments

Kathy Griffin Responds to Sarah Palin's 'Bully' Comments The battle continues. Kathy Griffin made fun of Sarah Palin's daughter, then Palin retaliated by calling Griffin a "50-year-old bully," and now Griffin is set to play a version of Palin on "Glee." And she has a few things to say, too.

First, Griffin wanted to teach Palin a lesson about comedians: "If you don't know the difference between a joke and real bullying, then are you going to call the ghost of Johnny Carson a bully? Are you going to call the entire cast of SNL a bully? The late night hosts? I mean, that's what comedians do. We make jokes about people, places and things," said the comedienne.

As far as Palin's kids being off-limits, Griffin believes she can make fun of whomever she wants to. Especially Willow Palin, whom Griffin believes to be a bully herself: "When her daughter Willow posted on her Facebook wall," said Griffin, "using the f-word, the pejorative for gay people, and I don't mean the fun four letter word that I use... When you're 16 you know you're not supposed to use that word. That's a word you really do kind of tie in with bullying, especially in the LGBT community."

"You can see if you look at that posting, that's not a joke," said Griffin.

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