Katniss to the Rescue: Jennifer Lawrence Now a Celebrity Hero As Well

Maybe the whole "Celebrity Hero" thing is going a bit too far. When Kate Winslet helped carry Richard Branson's elderly mother out of a burning building, that was pretty heroic. When Ryan Gosling pulled a journalist out of the street to avoid getting hit by a car, that was a little less heroic. When Patrick Dempsey saved a kid from a crashed car with a crowbar, that was somewhere in between the two (but P Demps gets bonus points for witty one-liners).

So when Jennifer Lawrence called the paramedics when a woman collapsed on her front lawn, calling her a "hero" might be a bit of a leap. After all, she was just doing what any other decent person would have done in that situation.

The difference is, she's Jennifer Lawrence, she's famous and kind of adorable, she plays Katniss, and she did the rescuing while wearing yoga pants. How can we resist?

Apparently Lawrence was out walking her dog with her mother when the woman collapsed. Lawrence and a few other bystanders assessed the situation and called the paramedics, who showed up along with a number of police officers. The woman was cleared medically and seems to be doing fine.

Okay, so she didn't save someone by unleashing an arrow straight through their skull, but still: hats off to Jennifer Lawrence for being a good person.