Keeping Up with The Kardashians - Season 7 Episode 13 Recap - Mothers and Daughters

Keeping Up with The Kardashians - Season 7 Episode 13 Recap - Mothers and Daughters The 'Mothers & Daughters' episode sees Kris focused upon confronting her mother’s illness and the inevitability of her passing. In contrast, Kourtney is immersed in the home water birth method to bring in the new life that she and baby daddy Scott have created.

The K-sisters suspect that their grandmother, MJ, is not doing well. They decide to make a visit to San Diego, urging mama K to come with them. Of course, workaholic Kris has excuses. She is, after all, running an empire. However, truth be told, she is not ready to face this situation that she has no control over, which is not surprising for a control freak.

The daughters insist, noting its importance, which yet again shows who is really mature in this household. Kris sets off to see her mother in San Diego with her daughters. As expected, Kris becomes overwhelmed with emotion by the memory of growing up in the house. Realizing how time can go by so fast, she finally admits that she needs to make more time for her mother.

Breaking down in tears in front of Robert and Khloe, it finally hits Kris that her mother will someday pass away. After this stunning realization, she predictably tells her mother that she will be making more time for her. Whether or not this actually happens, however, remains to be seen.

Mama extraordinaire Kourtney has a mold created of belly, for God knows what reason. Perhaps she enjoys being pregnant so much that she would like a constant reminder of it. Hearing about the water birthing technique, she decides to look into it. Given that her first childbirth experience was so uneventful, it is hard to imagine how it could be any less stressful.

Nevertheless, Kourtney visits with a bunch of midwives at home to get all the skinny, which happens to include no pain meds. As usual, Scott is freaked out by the idea, but then calms down when he realizes that hundred of years ago, babies were actually born in caves. Her childless sisters think she's lost her mind, of course. God forbid they would ever have to really feel any pain.

Expressing that they think it would traumatize Mason to hear his mother in pain, they also insist that it is not a safe procedure. This, of course, with almost no knowledge about water birthing themselves. The ever logical Kourtney manages to be undaunted, convincing Khloe to go along to watch a water birth in progress.

It is revealed how irritated Kris is by Bruce’s continual restlessness while sleeping. After Kris wakes up with an injury, she tells her husband that his sleeping patterns are abnormal. Son Brandon recommends a sleep disorder specialist.

Bruce stays at a sleep clinic for one night, while Kris is away. He thinks the procedure is ridiculous, as they place electrodes onto his body. The next day, however, Bruce is surprised to learn of left arm movements he makes during sleep that are carried into daytime. To show how much he cares about his wife, he wears a sling to bed, whereupon Kris bursts into laughter.

Meanwhile, back at the birthing ranch, Kourtney visits the water birth scene with Khloe, who is decidedly uncomfortable with the whole situation. When the woman gets into the giant inflatable tub in the living room, Khloe is beside herself. She can’t take the heat, so she goes to clean the kitchen while Kourtney sits ringside, studying the groaning woman. At last, the baby is born and Kourtney comes to her senses, deciding not to have a home water birth - much to the relief of her family.

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