Kellan Lutz Almost Turned Down 'Twilight' Because Script Didn't Make Sense

What would the “Twilight” saga have been like without hunky star Kellan Lutz looking incredibly hot while teasing and arm wrestling Bella? We almost found out.

“I didn’t like the script,” Lutz told Document. “How scary would a glimmering vampire really be? It just doesn’t make sense.”

On top of the fact that shiny vampires don’t make sense (c’mon), when the role came up, Lutz had just come back from a life-changing trip to Africa, where he was filming HBO’s “Generation Kill.”

“You’re seeing all these murals with little girls bleeding, saying ‘Please don’t rape me. I won’t cure your AIDS’; you see people with no water, people taking baths in dirty rivers. That project matured me five years and it really spoke to my heart.”

Possibly this trip had something to do with the actor turning down the main role of Edward, because the Edward Cullen character was too “depressing.” And, apparently, not a scary enough vampire?

“I want to do something where I smile,” he told JustJared about the decision. “I wanted to take a break from acting and I said that, I turned it down, I turned down the audition a couple of times.”

However his agent was able to convince him to step in and play Edward’s brother Emmett, whose comedic opportunities and friendliness appealed to Lutz.

Despite Lutz’s hesitation, the role choice proved to be a great launching point for his career, as well as fellow “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson, who stepped in to play Edward and became the sparkly, depressive vampire of many a lady’s fantasy.

Everybody wins.