Kevin Smith 'Cries Off' 65 Pounds, Might 'Hit Somebody' With Damon & Affleck

via PR PhotosA while back, filmmaker Kevin Smith was kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight because he was "too fat to fly"...that is, he needed to buy two seats as one was too small for him.

Since then, Smith has been on what he calls the "Southwest Diet", which he described in a tweet after the incident: "The @SouthwestAir diet. How it works: you're publicly shamed into a slimmer figure. Crying the weight right off has never been easier!"

Well, apparently the "Southwest Diet" works, as Smith has since shed 65 pounds. Well done, sir!

Smith made waves recently at Sundance, where he used his sense of theatricality to make a statement about the movie industry. Smith claimed he was going to sell his new movie "Red State" to the highest bidder, auction-style, right there in the room. He then immediately sold the movie to himself, to show that he doesn't believe he needs a distributor to bring the movie to his fans.

Later, in response to accusations of lying about selling the movie, Smith said, "I didn't lie. I stood up there and said that I'm gonna take my movie -- I'm gonna take it out and try not to spend money doing it."

Meanwhile, Smith is also busy finishing up the script for his next--and possibly final--movie: when speaking on the Nerdist podcast, Smith mentioned he felt that his directing career was coming to a close, and he wanted to focus more on his podcast.

The film is called "Hit Somebody", and centers on a hockey player with a talent for fighting. Smith plans to do some of the shooting in Boston, and has mentioned that he will be trying to get Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on board to make an appearance in the film.

If he is successful, it will be the first time the three of them have worked on a film together since "Dogma", more than twelve years ago.