'The Killing' Might Continue on DirecTV or Netflix

'The Killing' Might Continue on DirecTV or Netflix It's safe to say that we're entering a new age of television, considering the many different ways that people get the content nowadays. Just about everybody has a DVR box, and services like Netlix and Hulu make up for a decent chunk of viewership for any given show or movie.

One of the side effects of this is that a good show might never have to die early again. Too often have we seen shows like "Firefly" bite the dust because of poor ratings, only to find a cult following after death. Netflix and other streaming services can give them another shot.

AMC's "The Killing" is the latest show being discussed for a revival. The network canceled the program after its second season, which saw a decline in buzz after some were left disappointed with the end of the first season. Deadline reports, though, that both DirecTV and Netflix are eyeing the show for a pickup.

That would have "The Killing" following in the footsteps of "Arrested Development," which was canceled years ago but will continue with a short run of new episodes on Netflix, followed most likely by a movie. This sort of move makes sense for Netflix, which has been looking to get into original content anyway and benefits from the built-in audience that comes with a cult hit show. Should "Arrested Development" prove to be successful, expect Netflix and other similar services to look to pick up existing shows that don't pass muster on television.

Could it be? Are we witnessing a turning point where no canceled show is truly dead? Will we see a few new episodes of "Firefly" in the future? Okay, that might be a stretch, but a guy can hope, can't he?

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