Kim Kardashian's Butt: In Jeopardy!

Kim Kardashian's Butt: In Jeopardy! Let’s face it, Kim Kardashian, whether you like her or not, would just not be the same without that signature booty.

But lately, pressure from boyfriend Kanye West is sending the big-bottomed lady to the gym for some serious workouts.

Apparently, the lovely but vapid lady found herself unable to fit into the outfits her boyfriend approved of.

“Kim was extremely embarrassed and upset when she couldn’t fit into Kanye designs he had picked out for her…She was busting out of his clothes and even had to go a couple of sizes bigger on some of the dresses,” said a source.

This might have some ties to the recent “Keeping Up with The Kardashians,” in which Kardashian meekly encourages West to gut her closet and redesign her wardrobe so she can be more of an “individual,” which itself is a statement that would make any strong woman shudder.

The source went on to mention that West has suggested Kardashian “trim down a few sizes.”

Love it, hate it, or question the possibility of surgical enhancement, that’s a big ol’ booty—but those two cheeks have helped to usher into modern times a new appreciation for celebrities with a little more meat on them. She spoke out against criticism for her cellulite, and has been photographed without enhancements to encourage women to embrace their own beauty.

“If I was stuck on a diet my whole life, I would be really miserable. I love to eat. If you can’t enjoy your life then what’s the point? You can’t torture yourself,” she has been quoted as saying, along with multiple quotes about how much she loves that crazy behind.

And Kanye West, previously, had considered all that curviness to add up to the “Perfect…” Well. You know.

So why the sudden desire to change? The girl’s smooth, she’s pretty tight, she takes a good Twitter bikini picture despite the fact that you could park a bike in that thing. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed. It’s not like Kardashian has been much of a role model for young women with her reality show, but her one redeeming factor seemed to be that she really encouraged and appreciated women who embraced their curves.

And now she’s letting West push her into changing that?

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