Kit Harington Kicked Out of New York Bar

Kit Harington Kicked Out of New York Bar

He may be the King in the North, but in New York City, Kit Harington is just another rowdy bar patron. The Game of Thrones star was reportedly kicked out of a bar in the city on Friday night after causing a ruckus at a pool table. All in all, it was behavior not befitting the normally reserved Jon Snow.

Via Page Six.

He wouldn’t bend the knee.

“Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington was kicked out of a Gramercy pub after jousting with bouncers and patrons around a pool table.

The 31-year-old actor, who plays Jon Snow on the hit HBO series, was captured on video becoming belligerent while storming the table Friday night at Barfly.

The shaggy-haired Brit, who seemed to want to get in on a game, “started banging on the table, grabbing at pool cues, and getting in peoples’ faces,” TMZ reported.

He appeared to be trying to gather his coat at one point, but succeeded only in ticking off other patrons.

The context of the dispute was not revealed.

An eyewitness told TMZ that Harington was asked to leave but staggered back into the Third Avenue sports bar before being removed.

In the video, a woman is heard scolding Harington, “Say excuse me,” as he tries to push past her.

Harington has been in the city with fiancée and former “GOT” co-star Rose Leslie. He stars in the new series “Gunpowder” on HBO.

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