Who Knew? Toby From HR is the Real Boss of 'The Office'

Who Knew? Toby From HR is the Real Boss of 'The Office' The Hollywood Reporter had an interview yesterday that caught us by surprise to say the least.

They interviewed the showrunner for "The Office" and it turns out it's Paul Lieberstein - the mild-mannered fellow who plays non-descript Toby Flenderson on the show. You know, Toby, the boring, vaguely sane white guy from HR?

Yup, turns out he's literally running the show over at "The Office," and as you can imagine, things are pretty crazy over there without Steve Carrell around and a new boss in James Spader ready to hit the scene.

All sound a little strange? You should try being Lieberstein.

"During table reads, I read stage directions as the showrunner, and I might read, 'Toby will approach Phyllis.' Then the first line in the scene is a Toby line. It can get very weird." he told THR.

Lieberstein got his start on the show as a writer, and was called into acting duty as what was originally intended to be a one-off thing. Studio execs liked how he looked in the dailies, and the character Toby was born. Since then, Lieberstein has paired regular appearances on the show with a rapid ascent from writer to Executive Producer to showrunner.

According to Deadline, Lieberstein just signed a three-year deal to remain on the show and eventually help develop other properties for Universal.

Of "The Office," Lieberstein told THR that he thinks "the show has a couple more years, for sure. I think we have a total of eight or nine in us."

He also said he expects some turnover from the current cast.

"It will morph into a new office, maybe the way 'ER' changed. But I think a lot of that was driven by actors having their fill. If people want to stay around here, we are happy to have them.

Read the THR interview here.

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