Kody Brown, Star of TLC's 'Sister Wives', Allegedly Wants More Wives

Kody Brown, Star of TLC's 'Sister Wives', Allegedly Wants More Wives Most men can hardly deal with one wife. But then there's Kody Brown of Sister Wives, the TLC reality show that follows a polygamist family. He just took on his fourth wife - during the show, of course - and seems to want another one. This is supposedly what went down.

Kody was meeting with producers of the show and executives for TLC. They were brainstorming some ideas for the show's directions and Kody came up with a brilliant one. Another wife! That would make wife number five. In total, Kody has 13 children and three step-children back home.

When asked about the news, TLC execs said the notion was absolutely false. But really, it is a show about polygamy, how far off can the idea be? Isn't that why they picked up the show - for ratings and to see what polygamists were like?

Then there also were details about what happened at home once that news leaked out. The four wives were a little bit peeved and banished him to the couch. They think four is enough and there are enough children to feed as it is.

But, with TLC knowingly producing a show about a polygamist family, why should they be upset over one more? They knew going in - except maybe for his first wife - that polygamists marry more than one wife! Why are they mad and why are they surprised?

So, since there is smoke around this subject, it means there was a fire at one point or another. We'll see how soon a fifth wife materializes on the show.

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