Kristen Stewart Fed Up With Hoarding Affair's Blame

Kristen Stewart seems done playing defense against her recent unfaithful admission, TMZ reports - and by all rights, she should be.

The 22-year-old "Twilight" star has up until recently become a lightning rod since her admission to a brief affair with her married "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders fractured - permanently, maybe - her relationship with co-star and longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Increasingly, reaching perhaps an apex Wednesday with a sincerely compassionate Jodie Foster essay to The Daily Beast from one survivor of young stardom to another, she's feeling the world needs reminding that Sanders has done as wrong as she.

It's a fair observation, too. Whereas Stewart reportedly has been ousted from a planned "Snow White" sequel, no such decision has been made to exile Sanders from the helm. Though publicly contrite and crestfallen over wounding Pattinson, she's said to privately be "furious" that Sanders hasn't yet been taken to task for being a married father running around with a woman 19 years his junior over whom he holds a powerful position.

She's also reportedly becoming certain that her career may never recover, even being a young woman with time on her side.

To be somewhat fair, some of these alleged grousings don't entirely hold water. There's so very little leeway for victimhood on either part. True, Sanders has almost two decades on her in age and the more, shall we say, "binding" commitments. That notwithstanding, they're both adults, even if Stewart hasn't been one as long as Sanders. She knew the repercussions well enough to be sorry as she is, so she knew of the consequences to give them ample consideration before taking the plunge that she did.

To be still more fair, Sanders is getting off tragically light. Attribute that to what you like. Blame Stewart being the more visible, "significant" of the two that tangoed because she's the icon of the vastly more lucrative franchise and hence, the one upon whom the focus will naturally fall. Blame Sanders, both probably strategically and due to his aforementioned lower profile, laying considerably lower. Either way, one would think Sanders was only participating with a gun held squarely to his temple.

Stewart's no victimized innocent here. Nor is she to be slut-shamed.