Kristen Stewart Responds to Questions About Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart popped up on “The Today Show” to discuss the bittersweet wrap-up of the final installment of the “Twilight” series, “Breaking Dawn: Part 2.”

The twitchy lady opened up about her adapting role of portraying Bella as a human and making the “natural step” to playing her as a vampire.

“She’s always been really self-assured, it’s just that on the outside, you know, fear is a funny thing when you’re that age; it’s uh, it can be a motivator, it can kind of cripple you, and Bella has always been the kind of person to uh, once one of those walls are broken down she doesn’t try to build it back up she really lends herself to uh, experience.”

But what really got Stewart to rocking in her seat was the question directed at her by Savannah Guthrie, who started it off apologetically, saying:

“Well, Kristen, you have so many fans, and they will be mad at us if we don’t ask you, and they follow your life, and they want to know… are you back with Robert Pattinson?”

“Funny you mention… that. I’m going to just let people watch whatever little ‘movie’ they would like to think our lives are and… go for… you know…. keep ‘em guessing, I always say," Stewart snapped back.

Ooh, the lady’s got a little attitude. Interesting, after begging Pattinson to take her back, how quick she is to shake off rumors that she managed it.

Reports of seeing the two in public stick to this as well, as while dining at Beatrice Inn, Stewart was repelling Pattinson’s attempts at affection, even telling him, “don’t kiss me.”

Hard to keep ‘em guessing if he’s got his lips all over you, I guess.