Will Lady Gaga Dress Normal at the VMAs? MTV's Twitter Tracker Hints at Surprises

Will Lady Gaga Dress Normal at the VMAs? MTV's Twitter Tracker Hints at Surprises Every second, 600 tweets float through Twitter’s network. With Lady Gaga igniting MTV’s VMAs on Sunday, the spectacular performances are sure to ignite a digital flow through the Twittersphere.

According to MTV’s Twitter Tracker, approximately 2.3 million tweets related to the VMA’s were flying through the site during the East and West Coast broadcasts last year.

A look at previous Twitter content reveals the biggest topic of the evening was Lady Gaga (and her meat dress) with 9,200 tweets per minute. Cher racked in 7,100 tweets per minute, followed by Eminem’s 5,000 and Rihanna who can claim 4,700 tweets per minute.

MTV’s breakdown of the Twitter stats from 2010 give Lady Gaga seven distinct trends, while Justin Bieber came in second with five.

At the same time, Bieber’s exposure may have suffered due to misspelling of his name. Nicki Minaj and Chelsea Handler are also victims of sloppy fingers. Erroneous topics went out for Chelsey Handler and for both Nicki Manaj and Niki Minaj.

Currently, the hashtag #GagasWearing, launched by jambajim, provides hints and guesses at what Gaga could wear this year.

As twitter, aj-mayers, theorizes:…perhaps she’ll go vegetarian with a veggie dress?

RealSway from MTV news guess she’ll be wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Given the graphic and surreal nature of Gaga’s fashion and performance, anything is possible – including the ordinary.

After recently making accolades with Joan River’s Fashion Police for dressing like a normal person in Versace, she could go the absolutely unexpected route by dropping an eggless-and-elegant number on surprised fans.

Or, as many fans hope, she’s merely downplaying her typical dress-up before hitting the monsters with epic-Gaga style.

What do you think will be including in Gaga’s heart pumping wardrobe this year?

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