Will Lady Gaga Guest Star on 'Modern Family'?

Will Lady Gaga Guest Star on 'Modern Family'? "Glee" has already done a Lady Gaga tribute, so what about another Emmy-winning show? What about "Modern Family?"

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell on "Modern Family," revealed on "Live with Regis and Kelly" today that Lady Gaga herself has expressed interest in appearing on the ABC sitcom. If it actually happens, I'm willing to bet that will be the strangest episode of "Modern Family" ever.

Kelly Ripa, who apparently considers herself one of Gaga's "little monsters," lit up at the idea of having Gaga on the show. But Ferguson raised a good point: "How do you incorporate Lady Gaga into 'Modern Family?'"

Ripa had a response for him: "You're dreaming of Lady Gaga! I'm going to write this for you right now!" said Ripa, practically jumping off of her chair.

Ferguson mentioned that Gaga will actually factor into an upcoming episode, though maybe not with Gaga herself on hand.

"We actually are doing a Lady Gaga episode," explained Ferguson, "where Mitchell, my character, wants to go to the Lady Gaga concert, Cameron wants to go with me but he's sick in bed.

"So I kind of maybe drug him a little bit so I can sneak out and see the concert," he continued. "Oh, we've all done it!" he added to the audience.

It sounds like that could be the perfect opportunity to incorporate Gaga into "Modern Family." What do you think?

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