Lady Gaga to Tim Gunn: Stop Making Fun of Hillary Clinton!

Lady Gaga to Tim Gunn: Stop Making Fun of Hillary Clinton! Lady Gaga's message of late has been one of acceptance...a quick listen to "Born This Way" will confirm that. Now she's taking that message on the offensive, and her target is Tim Gunn, of all people!

Gunn, who is famous for his mentor role on fashion reality show "Project Runway," recently appeared on "Lopez Tonight" and made a few comments about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He received some backlash for saying that Clinton seems confused about her gender as evidenced by her unflattering pantsuits.

In a recent appearance on "The View," Gaga made her opinion on the matter known. "He's being a bully, I think," Gaga said. "He's being a bully. I think Hillary Clinton has more important things to think about than her hemline."

Sure, Gunn is being a bit of a fashion bully. But isn't that his job? He's on TV for the sole reason of telling people what looks good and what doesn't. Take that away from him, and Gunn is just a well-dressed dude with a lisp.

What do you think? Does Gaga have the right to tell Gunn what he should and shouldn't say? Or should Gunn obey the rule that our mothers all told us: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

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